Meet My Babies

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I mention my cats a lot in passing, but how well do you really know my critters?  Not very well you say?  Then you are in luck, because today you’re going to up close and personal with the cats of Casa Palmer.

First up is our elder statesman- Hershey.

Age: 17

Nicknames:  Big Boy, Captain Crabby Pants

Likes:  my husband Pat, our nephew Luke, watching TV, the sound of his own voice.

Dislikes: virtually everything and everyone else, but most especially wets cat food (yes really), the sound of barking dogs, and, alas, me.

Hershey was rescued by Pat when he was very young- Pat was told he was 8 weeks old and so tiny because he was the runt of the litter.  He later found but Hershey was really only 5 weeks old, so he required special food and care for some time.  Perhaps because of this, Hershey is very much a “one person cat”.  I moved in when Hershey was 4 years old and naively believed he would grow to love me.  Nope.  After 13 years I think I’ve made it to “begrudging acceptance” and that’s all I’m going to get.  Weirdly, he loves our nephew Luke and one friend Mark.

Hershey enjoys wandering the house meowing his head off for no discernible reason, especially between the hours of 3 and 5AM.   He is very fond of one small purple toy and VERY fond of a stuffed goose (if you get my drift).  He also is our only cat who watches TV, typically with his face half an inch from the screen.

Our middle child- Pumpkin

Age: 13

Nicknames: Punkin Bear, Baby Girl

Likes: String cheese, sleeping on office chairs, cuddling for short durations.

Dislikes: Luke, low fat cheese, loud noises, people sitting at the kitchen table.

We adopted Pumpkin from the local shelter when she was about 6 months old.  Her name is a reference to her orange eyes and well as that we brought her home Thanksgiving weekend.   I at first didn’t think she would be a good companion for Hershey because she was so energetic, but then she jumped into Pat’s arms, looked up and us and started purring.  She truly chose us.

Pumpkin can be adorable and cute with guests one on one, but she hates large groups of people and our nephew Luke.  I believe this stems from the first time they met- Luke was a toddler and ran at her screaming “KITTY” as only a toddler can.  Luke is 15 now,  but Pumpkin has not forgotten this.  When he is in our house she remains under the bed, only coming out to get food and use the litter pan.

We have no idea why she hates people sitting/ eating in the kitchen, but it really upsets her. She paces and mews like crazy.  And yes- mews.  She still mews like a tiny kitten.  She also seems to have a tiny head- I swear while the rest of her got bigger, her head hasn’t grown one bit since we adopted her.  This can make her look out of proportion, sometimes comically so.

Our latest addition- Boots

Age: 5

Nicknames: Bootsie, Bootie Bear, Baby Bootie

Likes:  Cuddling, running around like a maniac, most dairy products.

Dislikes: Barking dogs, not being the center of attention, closed doors.

Boots has been with us for about 2 and half years now.  Boots was, of course, at the center of Operation Add Third Cat that I wrote about quite a bit at the time.

I refer to Boots as our FOMO cat as she clearly hates missing out on anything.  Anytime Pat and I are in the same room Boots will be there too.  Anytime there are guests over she will be in the midst of them, basking in the attention.

Boots can look stern or even crabby, but she is actually the exact opposite.  She is our most cuddly cat by far- if there is a lap in sight she will be on it, purring and snuggling.  She is also the most social- sometimes to the dismay of our other, older cats who are not always in the mood for her antics (but for the most part they do all get along just fine).  She will sometimes come if you call her, but usually she’s already right there.

I hope you enjoyed this look into the critters that I share my home with.  Questions?  Feel free to ask!


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