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On October 15th I attended the 7th Annual Minnesota Blogger Conference.  It was a great day and I have half a notebook full of things to digest and work on in the days and weeks to come. No, I’m not going to be rebranding again or rearranging the layout again, but there are quite a few behind the scenes things I’ll be working on as well as ideas and strategies to improve my writing going forward.

I’d been looking forward to this even for some time, but as I entered the venue I was nervous.  I knew I would be surrounded by professional bloggers and I wasn’t sure how myself as a hobby blogger would fit in.  Turns out I fit in great!  I met a lot of amazing women (and a few amazing men) from all age groups and backgrounds.  What really surprised me was how many of them actually envied ME.  Several people who started out as hobby bloggers talked fondly about the good old days when they wrote for fun and not for a boss or for their rent.

I’m so excited to continue on this journey and I’m so glad you’ve chosen to come along for the ride!

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