Mother Shaming

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Some time ago I stated that I was part of the “only group it’s still OK to put down” and stated that group is the childless by choice.

Turns out I was wrong- there are a few other groups that apparently are still fair game, and – lucky me- I’m a part of another one.  This group is daughters with complicated relationships with their mothers.

To be fair, my mother and I do have a relationship.  But she’s not my best friend.  We have wildly different world views.  We have very different senses of humor.  We have almost nothing in common other than DNA.  Simply put, if we weren’t related we would have nothing to talk about. It’s not a character flaw on either of our parts, we are just two very different people who happen to be related. Expecting us to be super close makes about as much sense as expecting me to wake up tomorrow morning a natural blonde.

And here’s the best part- my mother and I are fine with our relationship as is. Really.  In fact, we literally just talked about this last week.  We. Are. Fine.

So, I don’t need or want your detain or pity over this other supposed character flaw of mine any more than I want or need it over my lack of children.  You are not me.  Your life isn’t my life and your priorities are not the same as mine.  If you can’t imagine your life without talking to your mother every day, good for you.  Just know it’s just as OK that I can.

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