Muffins and Buttons

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize that their days of being “with it” are over. When all the songs on Top 40 radio sound the same and don’t sound anything like the good music that was put out when we were younger. When 85% of the clothes you see in the stores look more like costumes than something you would actually wear in public. While I am not QUITE there yet I have to admit that day is closer than I want it to be.

I was in the local mall today and noticed 2 trends on young (and not so young) women that frighten me:

#1 The Muffin Top. This is the term for that roll of fat that hangs out over pants that are too tight. There have always been a few women in size denial who did this, but it appears that now this is way girls are trying to dress- even slender girls seem to to sporting this now! I can’t imagine it’s comfortable and it certainly isn’t fun to look at. For reasons I cannot fathom this look is usually paired with……

#2 The Shirt so tight you can see their belly button. How this is even possible when they are wearing 3 and 4 shirts at a time- also a puzzling trend- I’m not sure . It cannot be comfortable- I seem to see these girls adjusting their layers of shirts all the time.

My weight changes more often than the weather in Minnesota but I have never knowingly sported either of these looks. I learned a long time ago that dressing in clothes that are the correct size is always the more flattering choice regardless of what that size is. Don’t any of these women have mothers, friends or at least a full-length mirror that could tell them how silly they look? Or am I just getting old and should start shopping for double-knit polyester slacks and matching banded-bottom tops now?

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