My Addiction

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Yes, it’s true.  I did develop a “habit” while I was in Vegas that I need to feed even now when I’m back home.  My husband is stunned, as is most anyone who knows me when they hear about my strange new cravings.

I’m addicted to Fiji water. I’ve become obsessed with it.  I’ve liked them on Facebook and I’m following them on Instagram.  I gave them a 5 star rating on Influenser.  I’m all in.

The good news is it could have been way worse.  It could have been frozen vodka lemonades (which are pretty dang good) or white chocolate nutella cups (also really really good), both of which I also consumed too many of.   So, looks like I’m quite lucky after all!

And no, Fiji water did not pay me in any way, shape or form to write this.  I’m just that hooked.


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