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It’s a little early in the year for it, so I’m not going to call this a “top 5 of the year” kind of list.  But, these are 5 things I’ve recently discovered/ become a fan of that have made enough difference to me that I wanted to share with everyone else.  I know I’m a late to the party on most of these, but better late than never, right?

#1 Buckleless belts.  Holy Hannah I love them.  I’m not really an apple or a pear- I’m more of a stalk of asparagus (albeit a wide one).  i.e. I don’t really have a defined slim waist- I’m pretty much the same width from shoulder to hip.  I carry most of my weight through my midsection and have kind of a flat butt.  So, I have trouble keeping my pants up.  But regular belts had to be painfully tight to really do anything.  I can’t explain why the buckleless one works so much better, but it DOES.  And, without a buckle sticking out to further accentuate where my waist should be.

#2 Laundry pods (To wash clothes, not to snack on).   No more drips from the bottles making a mess.  No more forgetting to add fabric softener (or forgetting to buy it).  One plastic container instead of two.  Win win win.

#3 Hyaluronic acid.  This is an ingredient in many moisturizers and other beauty products and it is the real deal.  I am VERY skeptic of beauty product claims, but this stuff is amazing.  It holds 100 times is weight in water and can make your skin look and feel better with fewer wrinkles in a very short period of time.  It can even be used in injections for treatment of arthritis and other chronic pain conditions.  Note- there are no proven benefits associated with eating it, so stay away from pills or supplements and just put it on your skin instead.  Which leads me right into….

#4 Water gel moisturizers.  I am loving the Neutrogena one.  It is a great dup for the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel product but at less than half the cost.  And yes, both of these products do contain hyaluronic acid.   It’s a very weird texture- a gel that turns almost liquid when you put it on.  But it absorbs very quickly and works well on just about any skin type.  I will point out is that these products typically do not contain sunscreen, so do make sure you use another product that does provide that very important benefit.

#5 Meme/ cat photo groups on social media.  I used to find these groups a waste of time.  But, lately I’ve found it’s nice to be able to hop on to Facebook and know that no matter what stupid thing Trump did today or how badly the Vikings played there will be things on there that make me smile.  And yes, I know I could just not log in.  But, I actually DO like interacting with people and since I don’t live next door to my family or my long time besties social media is how I keep up with them.  But sometimes I just need a palette cleanser, and kitties work well for that for me.

So, what fun “new” products or services have you discovered recently?  I’d love to hear about them!

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