My Sibling Day

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There is an actual official Sibling Day on April 10.    But I am celebrating today.  Why?  Because today, in 1975, my sister Pam was born and I officially became a sibling.  (Sorry for telling everyone your age Pam!).

To put it mildly, Pam and I are very different.  We look nothing alike apart from being the same height.  She is a mother, I was on a TV segment titled “Childless by Choice”.  She is laid-back and calm.  I am, well, not.  Sometimes I wonder how it’s possible that we are related at all and I’m sure she feels the same way sometimes!

In spite of having virtually nothing other than DNA in common we are very close.  I love her to bits and I know she feels the same way.  Happy Birthday Pam!

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