My takeaways from the MN Bloggers Conference 2017 #mnblogcon

This past weekend I attended the Minnesota Bloggers Conference in St. Paul Minnesota.

This was the second year I went and I’m so glad I did!  As much as I enjoyed it last year I think I got more out of it this year and came away with more confidence in the direction I want to take my blog.  Here are a few of the highlights for me:

#1 It’s OK to not want to get rich – or even paid- for blogging.  It’s OK to blog because just because I want to.  Because I need the creative release.  Because I want to share my views in a controlled, precise, well thought out way that social media doesn’t allow.

#2 The robots are becoming more human!  Gone are the days of hard and fast rules for SEO optimization.   IF SEO is important to you there are many tools availble to maximize that without writing in a repetitive, robotic manner that’s boring to read and even more boring to write.

#3 I REALLY hate the term “lifestyle blogger”.  And yet I’m pretty sure I am one since I don’t have a specific niche I focus on in my writings.  “Lifestyle blogger” brings to mind high maintenance fashionistas, exercise junkies, and the Rich Kids of Instagram- certainly not who I am or what I ever aspire to be.  But, I guess that’s the term the majority has gone for, so I will just have to get used to the idea or come up with a better term myself.  I’m open to suggestions BTW…..

#4 It’s OK to piss people off.  And, no matter what topic(s) you write about, it’s almost inevitable that you will anger someone at some point.  Censoring yourself runs counter intuitive to the very act of blogger and should be banished from your writing.

#5 Bloggers kick ass.  I made a point this year to try to talk to lots of different people and every single one of them had something interesting to say.  I hope the folks I talked to feel the same about me.

So, thank you to Jen and Mykl for another great event and I look forward to seeing what the 2018 conference will have in store!

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