Spouses in Cars Getting Dinner

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Jerry Seinfeld had a very successful Netflix series called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  In it he picked up comedians in all sorts of cars and yes, they went to a local coffee shop. Along the way and during the drinking of said coffee they talked about everything under the sun- from the boxers vs. briefs debate to what happens… Read more »

National Personal Space Day

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Today is a day to celebrate all by yourself.  It’s National personal space day. It could be said that there are two kinds of people in this world- huggers and non huggers.  People who are huggers sometimes forget that non-huggers exist.   In recent times- i.e. 2020 – the huggers were forced to become non-huggers and I’m told this was tough… Read more »

The Struggle Continues

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A few years ago I wrote about my life-long struggle with wet/ stinky armpits https://beckypalmer.me/?p=2366  I’m sad to report that there hasn’t been much progress since then. I tried several “natural” deodorant products – i.e. ones without aluminum.  Most of them simply didn’t work.  I still smelled bad, but with a hint of vanilla / flowers/ etc. included in the overall… Read more »