Nobody Can Tell Me……

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Nobody can tell me…….

What usually follows that?  Something like “what to do with my body” or “what to do with my kids”.  And up to point you are correct when you say those things, but up to a point you are incorrect too.

We have laws against child endangerment and child abuse.  We have labor laws.  We have seat belt and car seat laws.  We have laws dictating the operation of motor vehicles.  We have laws banning chemicals that are harmful.  We all have that one person in our lives who thinks things like seat belt laws are wrong and infringing on their freedoms, but for the most part every agrees and understands why we have them in place.  We all want to live in a society that is relatively safe for everyone, and there is ample evidence that things like seat belts save lives.

Something else that is there is ample proof saves lives are vaccines.  While there are no federal laws regarding vaccines in every state has laws stating vaccines are required for children to attend school and many colleges are now requiring proof of vaccination as well.   There are a couple religions whose members are prohibited from getting vaccines.  There are a few children with severe egg and / or shellfish allergies who should not get certain vaccines either, and medical/ religious exceptions exist for those folks.

But for everyone else, it’s careless, thoughtless, and downright dangerous to decide you know better than decades of medical research.  You are endangering not only the lives of your own children, but everyone they come into contact with.  Even if vaccines did have a slight risk of causing autism (which it’s been proven time and time again they do not) by not vaccinating you are saying you’d rather have a dead child than an autistic one.   Anyone with an autistic child – or with autism themselves – should be terribly offended by that logic.  And often they are.

I can’t drive my car 90 MPH through the town I live in.  I can’t drink a fifth of vodka and get behind the wheel.  I can’t work 18 hours straight without a break.  I can’t take ephedrine supplements.  Why?  Because these things are dangerous.  I could cause serious harm to myself or to innocent bystanders by taking these kinds of reckless actions.   Not vaccinating your kids is no different.

And yes, we CAN tell you that.

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