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There is a question my husband and I have been asked many times in the past few months.

No, not that one.

The OTHER question we get asked a lot is “When is Lilly going to have another litter?”

The answer is very simple.  Never.

In large part to get the word out that we had kittens that would need good homes, my husband posted daily – sometimes multiple times a day- about our 3 surprise kittens.   He posted faithfully from the day they were born to the day the last one went to its forever home.  As yes, I posted quite a bit about them as well.  I don’t think either of us had any idea how many people would become attached to those little goofballs through these photos, stories, and videos.  So much so that even now, 4+ months later, we are routinely asked for updates on them.

I suppose it’s natural that after all that there are people who want to virtually do it again.  And it’s also true that Lilly was a very good mama kitty.  But, we aren’t going through that again.  I don’t think I could take it.  And we know this for 2 very good reasons.

#1 Lilly is 100% an indoor cat.  She lives with 2 other spayed, female cats.  She does not have access to male companionship.

#2 In October Lilly was spayed.  It’s true that she isn’t around any tom cats now, but her going into heat every other week was not fun for anyone else in the house, and being spayed should allow her a longer, healthier life to boot.

So, I hate to disappoint her adoring fans, but Lilly is out of the cute kitten creation business.  She is now busy in the getting into everything and batting all her toys under the furniture businesses, and business is good!   But thanks to the internet we will always have the adventures of Black Kitty, Grey Kitty, and Striped Kitty to remember and look back on fondly.

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