Now what?

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I am experiencing a post- Olympic let down this week. I wasn’t even planning on watching much of the Games but I got sucked in about day two and watched it all- skiing, skating, even curling! The only thing I didn’t watch was hockey because that really bores me (and yet I watched curling? Yes, I admit that makes less than no sense). And now that the Games are over I feel a bit sad.


I don’t watch a lot of network TV outside of football season but for 2 weeks I was glued to NBC every night. As much as I enjoyed watching the games I couldn’t help but wish the coverage had been different. I would much rather watch more actual competitions than all the interviews, montages and other filler that NBC felt the need to show. Show me 3 or 4 more figure skating routines please! And speaking of skating- I hope that in 2014 someone tells the announcers to shut up! I don’t know an axel from a toe loop but I can tell when someone is “on” and making it look effortless (like Evan Lysacek) and when someone is having an off night and looks like it’s hard work (like Plushenko). I also don’t need to know that it’s bad when someone falls down! DUH! I think there should be a rule in skating- like there is in skiing- that if you fall you lose. But I digress…..


Since I’m clearly on Team Evan I am now thinking that I’m going to be watching some Dancing With the Stars when that starts up in a couple weeks. I’m not a big fan of that show but I AM a big fan of Lysacek! Thankfully that’s only a couple nights a week……


What are you watching now that the Games are over?

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