What Does This Mean?

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If you were raised Lutheran (as I was) you heard and read this question many times as a teenager- it’s a staple of Luther’s Small Catechism. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in Confirmation class. But I am a member of a local LCMS church and I do try to attend services a couple times a month. Tonight… Read more »

Why I hate winter 2010- a short story

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Generally I am the last person to complain about winter weather. My response usually is “If you don’t like it, move”. But this winter has worn me down by its constant storming and seemingly endless amounts of snowfall and all the trials and tribulations that go along with that. To illustrate here the the past day of my life in… Read more »

What is odd?

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There are a lot of things about me that people find odd. The fact that I am six feet tall is fascinating to some people. The fact that I don’t have- or want- children is another “oddity” about me that I have spent hours discussing with people for years now.   Another thing about me that people tend to think… Read more »

Being There For You

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I love music.Granted, I don’t think there are many people who would say that they don’t like music. But I really love music. I love playing music, I love listening to music and I even love karaoke. But my favorite thing about music is how it can affect you. I experienced just last night how the right music can help… Read more »

Addicted to that. Really?

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This past week Tiger Woods joined a long list of celebrities who have checked into some kind of treatment center for “sex addiction”. Now I understand alcohol and drug addiction, food addiction and maybe even shopping addiction. But sex addiction???? That is really straining the limits of what I can consider an illness. First off, who doesn’t like sex? Isn’t… Read more »

What’s a ring worth?

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Lately I have been involved in multiple conversations about people upgrading their wedding rings. These are generally people who married young and didn’t have a lot of money for rings who now are buying themselves nicer ones. For some reason this really bothers me.   My mother acutally wore out her wedding ring and got a new band. The same… Read more »

What day of Christmas is it anyway?

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Believe it or not, today (December 26th) is actually the FIRST day of Christmas. Yes really. And in case you were wondering, the 12th day of Christmas is January 6, Epiphany, which marks the celebration of the Magi visit to the baby Jesus. Why do I mention this? To gripe about a Christmas pet peeve that’s bugged me for year… Read more »


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My husband and I have started a tradition that we buy ourselves a “couple gift” for Christmas. One year we went on a trip to Branson and last year we did some remodeling of our kitchen. THIS year we bought a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit.   We haven’t hooked up the Wii Fit yet but we have been… Read more »

Not there yet

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I love Christmas. I love Christmas carols, Christmas decorations, Christmas goodies, the works.   But for some reason this year I am having a very difficult time getting into the Christmas spirit. I’ve bought quite a few presents already but I haven’t written any cards yet or put up any decorations. I just don’t feel like it and I don’t… Read more »