Operation Add 3rd Cat Is a Success!

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It’s been almost 6 months since we welcomed Boots into our home and I’m pleased to let everyone know that Operation Add Third Cat is a success!

No, we don’t have kitties holding paws and meowing Kumbaya together, but the hissing and the growling is virtually nonexistent and we’ve even caught all 3 of them sleeping on our bed together more than once.

Boots has become my trusty writing partner, almost always sitting on me and purring while I get my blog posts set up for the week (I write everything for the week in one sitting, usually on Sunday afternoons).  She is my shower buddy and loves to watch me (from a safe distance) while I bathe.  Boots is our greeter when folks come to the door.  She is our TV buddy and divides her time between my husband and I while we relax.

We have lots of pet names for her- Bootie Bear, Bootie Butt, Bootie Ootie Bootie- the list goes on.  Being a cat, she ignores all of them.

Simply put Boots is a great addition to our home.  I thank Judy for taking care of her for a year and a half and then trusting us to give her a good life.  I thank everyone who posted tips and encouragement when things weren’t going so well.  And I thank everyone who asks how my kitties- all of my kitties- are doing.  Some people have kids, I have cats 🙂

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