Operation Add Third Cat Update

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I’ve had quite a few folks ask me how things are going now that it’s been a couple months since we added Boots to our family.

I am happy to report that for the most part things are going quite well.  Boots and Pumpkin still aren’t the BFFs we’d (perhaps foolishly) hoped they would be, but they have learned to share our king sized bed.  There is still the occasional hiss to be heard, but those are few and far between.  Hershey remains his aloof, always slightly annoyed looking self around Boots but he looks the same way around me!

After the initial incident that sent my husband to the doctor there have been no more bites or other injuries outside the occasional scratch that comes along with having cats in your home.

None of them are terribly fond of fireworks, but no pets are. PLEASE keep that in mind this holiday weekend- I’ve already seen several “lost dog” posts on social media!

So, from Pat, Becky, Hershey, Pumpkin and Boots have a happy and safe 4th of July!

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