Pack Rat Day!

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Today is a day custom made for my family.  It’s Pack Rat Day!

No, we aren’t hoarders.  You won’t find busted plumbing, floor to ceiling piles of shopping, or dead cats in our homes.  You won’t have to follow a tiny pathway from room to room.  You won’t have to move 17 things to find a place to sit.

But you will find stuff.  Lots of stuff.  Mostly nostalgic in nature, but some practical items perhaps in larger than practical quantities.

And that’s OK.  Today more so than ever!

1 thought on “Pack Rat Day!

  1. Sarah

    I knew a dear woman from church (I called her my second Mom) whose house was neat as could be. Unfortunately there was some flooding in the area a few years ago and we frantically were trying to move everything from their lower level quickly. My husband brought down the cattle trailer to load furniture in to temporarily get it out and she had a hidden storage area behind the stairs and had something like 30+ packs of toilet paper. These weren’t just little packs, but rather the 48 roll jumbo size. I won’t even mention the # of cookie sheets and everything else she had. She believed in quantity with everything she used on a regular basis. Why have 1 when 15 would be better?


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