The Magic Days

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It’s that magical time of year when time bends in unusual ways.  And I’m not talking about the short days.  I’m talking the complete and utter lack of meaning to days of the week. Especially this year with Christmas Day being on a Saturday many folks have longer weekends and those extra days off are confusing the heck out of… Read more »

50 Reasons Why

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Well, it finally happened.  I turned 50 this past week. People keep asking me how I feel.  The answer is I have no idea.   I have been low-key dreading this for some time now, but now that it’s actually here I don’t know what I was expecting. I certainly don’t feel like I thought I would when I thought about… Read more »

Gifts for Who?

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Like most of the rest of you I have a few folks on my list that are difficult to shop for.   Because of this I’ve been reading a lot of gift guides online.  And most of them are ridiculous. I found two specifically called “great gifts for brothers in law”.  One had nothing on it under $100.  Who is spending… Read more »