International Strange Music Day

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Today is International Strange Music Day! Originally proposed by musician Patrick Gray as a way to promote his own music, the stated purpose of the day is to “expose people, without prejudice, to music that they are unfamiliar with”. So, “strange” doesn’t have to mean “really weird”- although it certainly can!  It can also simply mean “something I’ve never heard… Read more »

Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, We are Doing This One Again

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Yes, I mark this one every year because this one is that important to me. As you know, for the past 15 years I have shared my home with a number of black beauties.  We currently have 2 adult black cats, Pumpkin and Boots, and one of Lilly’s kittens is black as well. In… Read more »

National Underwear Day

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Today is National Underwear Day! The organizers of this day suggest that to celebrate you should go about your daily routine in nothing but your clean underwear (yes, the “clean” part is specifically mentioned).  If you are currently working from home I suppose this is pretty doable.  However, those of us who are working around other humans, maybe just wear… Read more »