The Shell Game

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One of the many things that have frustrated me lately is the failure of society as a whole to concentrate on the real problems we are facing as a country and a planet and instead to spend countless hours on things that really aren’t all that important. Granted, it’s not all our fault. In the most recent round of elections… Read more »

Really- why can’t we??

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I have said “Can’t we all just get along??!?!” many times and not as a joke. I don’t know why people have to get so up in arms over their position on, well, just about anything, that they cannot have a calm, reasonable discussion with other adults about them. Granted, I have been known to get a little overheated on… Read more »

This American Ride

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I try to steet clear of negative blog postings. I suspect I’m going to get some negative responses to this one. But, if you can’t speak your mind on your own blog when can you? And yes, I did steal this title from a Toby Keith song in case you were wondering. I’ll warn you right now- this blog is… Read more »

Sign of the Times

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Tonight at my workplace there was a Chamber After Five event to celebrate the former owner’s 50 years of service to the company (he started as Controller in 1959 and is still on the board of directors today). 50 years. Just think about that. I cannot fathom being anywhere for 50 years. As much as I want to stay at… Read more »

What’s in a Name?

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What is the deal with people deciding that their child needs a goofily-spelled name? I’m not talking about names where there are more than one socially acceptable versions already out there such as Geoffrey/Jeffrey or Deborah/Debra. I’m talking about all the other names that we as a society thought we already knew how to spell but apparently didn’t.This comes to… Read more »