Pinky Corally Hope Springs Eternal

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I’m pretty low maintenance as women go.  I’m not a fan of large diamonds or other gems.  I dress to look nice, but comfort comes first- in clothing and shoes.  I have short hair that takes about 2 minutes to style.  I own makeup, but most days I just pat on a little powder on and out the door I go.  I have nothing in common with women who have a “signature fragrance” or a “signature lipstick”.

That being said, about once every 5 years or so I get the bright idea that “real adult” women wear lipstick, in spite of the fact that I’ve never found a single one I’ve actually liked.  And so I go out and purchase several tubes which, of course,  I wind up absolutely hating for a laundry list of reasons including smells/ tastes awful, doesn’t stay on more than 10 minutes, and or/ feels like I’ve laminated my lips.   I suffer through a few wearings, but eventually I come to my senses, throw them all away, and go back to good friend the lip balm for a few years until the cycle repeats itself.

As you probably suspected, last week the cycle began.  After spending far more time than I care to admit doing online research on the topic I am the proud (?) owner of two new tubes of lipstick.  I’ve worn each of them once, and the verdict is still out, but these are a lot better than the ones I had the last go-round, so that’s something.

So I keep trying.  And maybe, someday, I’ll find that perfect lipstick that makes me feel like a real adult! That perfect “my lips but better” color that instantly makes my entire day better.

Just in time for it to get discontinued.



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