Plan a Solo Vacation Day

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Today is a day that will frighten some folks.  It’s Plan a Solo Vacation Day.

As luck would have it, I am in the midst of planning a solo vacation right now.  Yes, I am still very happily married.  Yes, he is perfectly fine with this.  Yes, we will go on vacation together again. Simply put, I want to go back to Duluth MN and he doesn’t. So, I’m going my myself.

I originally went on vacation alone when I was “in between husbands” as part of my “I can do anything without a man” phase.  (That’s another story for another post).    I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable – and peaceful- it was.  i could go whatever I want whenever I want.  I could eat whatever I wanted.  I could nap whenever I wanted.  It was pretty awesome.

I highly encourage everyone, regardless of your relationship status, to travel alone at least once.   If you are a little frightened by the idea, start small- a weekend trip somewhere you’ve enjoyed before.  You might just surprise yourself!

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