Put the Camera Down

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A few weeks ago my niece was in her very first piano recital.  She did so good- proud aunty moment for sure!  My sister posted a couple pictures of the event online and noted that she did NOT record the performance because she wanted to experience it live, not through a screen.  Wise words that so many of us forget.

It’s been shown in several studies that, contrary to what you might assume, the more photos and videos you take at an event the less you actually remember of the event itself.  You are so wrapped up in “capturing the moment” that you never really experience it at all.  How sad is that?

Of course I’m not suggesting we stop recording altogether.  I am guilty of taking a great many photos of my niece and nephew and my cats.  And of course we want to have some photos from the major milestones in life, but lets face it- no one needs 1400 photos of their wedding day or 500 photos of their first birthday.  Remember when film cameras were all we had?  We were selective with what we chose to record.  Remember before social media came along?  We never worried about what that random person we kind of knew in high school thought of our new house or our kid’s first day of school.  It could be argued we were a lot better off then.

By the time this post is public I will be in Duluth Minnesota.  I have often described it as “my happy place”.  I just love Canal Park and have many many great memories of childhood – and now also adult- vacations there.  My husband laughs at me for taking so many photos of the same things (like the Aerial Left Bridge) every time I go.  And I’m sure I’ll take a few more.  But I’m going to try hard- REALLY hard- to not take as many.  To just live in the moments of happiness and fully relax.  We’ll see how well I do!

I encourage all of you do to the same.  To really experience the moments that life is all about in person, not through a screen.  You might be surprised how much more you enjoy them.

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