No Comments on Qrazy

I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories.  The biggest reason why is pretty simple- I don’t believe that at any point the US government has had the resources/ ability to pull off the crazy things they’ve been accused of.  Sure, the CIA pulled off some truly awful experiments in the 50s, but they have all come to light.  Even the most covert operations seem to come out in time.

So, I don’t believe any of the old favorites.  Yes, I believe we went to the moon AND that the Earth is round.  No, I don’t think there were really aliens in Area 51.  No, I don’t think Richard Nixon had JFK killed.  No, we aren’t all getting implanted with RFID chips against our will.

But this newest crop of theories is truly nuts.  Anything related to Qanon is going to be- they started out with people eating babies, so there was nowhere to go but down.

The latest one I’ve heard of might be the nuttiest one yet.  Apparently JFK Jr either didn’t die or has returned from the dead (that point is a little unclear).  And, he is going to show up in Dallas at the same spot his father was shot and lead the Republican party to greatness.

Of course, anyone with a handful of functioning brain cells can point out a staggering number of problems with this idea.  But, I guess if you believe that 5G cell towers, the COVID vaccine, and/ or clouds (aka Chemtrails) are going to kill you, maybe this isn’t that much of a stretch?

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