Re-Gifting Day

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Today is Re-Gifting day.

While many folks think this is a bad thing, it actually can be a very good thing if done right.

If you truly don’t need another coffee cup, or if you will never wear that scarf you got from that cousin you see once a year what do you do?  In some families it’s OK to ask for the receipt to take it back, but they are in the minority.  Most of us just shove that unwanted item into the back of a drawer or cupboard and never think about it again.  But how much better to pass it along to someone who could really use and appreciate it?

If you don’t feel comfortable rewrapping items you’ve been gifted consider donation.  There are clothing and winter wear drives all the time.  There and local and national charities who accept all kinds of items for sale in their shops.  Maybe your church or service group is in dire need of new tableware or cups.  Look around and get creative!



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