Relaxation Day

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Take it easy today folks- it’s National Relaxation Day!

This holiday was created in the mid 1980s by a fourth grader who was wise beyond his years.  He understood then what many adults still don’t- all work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy.

It’s way too easy to get wrapped up in all the things we have to do, and all the things we think we have to do.  It’s not healthy.   So, take it easy today.  Don’t rush home from work to fold that laundry – go have a cold drink on the patio.  The laundry will be there tomorrow, but you might not be if you die of a stroke or heart attack today.  Go for an evening walk around your neighborhood.  Say hi to that neighbor you don’t really know- that might be the start of a beautiful friendship!  Get our your coloring books or cross stitch project and lose yourself in it for a while.  It’s good for you, today and every day.

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