Rhetoric Never Wins

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In the last couple weeks one of the biggest issue dividing people on social media and about everywhere else is abortion.  I’ve already written about my stance on this issue, it hasn’t changed since then, and it’s not relevant to today’s post.  But, if you forgot or or curious please feel free to check it out here: http://beckypalmer.thecomputerguy.bz/2018/05/its-really-complicated-now/

Today I’m turning my attention to two of the most often repeated talking points- one from each side- and exposing them for the line of BS they really are.

Let’s start with “Most women don’t even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks”.   This was true 10 years ago.  But now there are OTC pregnancy tests that can detect with 98% accuracy pregnancy several days BEFORE a missed period.  Yes, we all know someone who went 6 months without knowing.  Many of us know someone who didn’t know until they went into labor.  Then think about all the women you know who knew very early on.  I will bet you anything you know 100 times more of them.

The other one – and this one REALLY pisses me off- “People who are pro life hate women”.  I’m aware that type of miserable misogynist still exists.  It seems that many of these morons have chosen a career in politics, but I digress.  But I know women who are staunchly pro life.  They don’t hate themselves.  I know pastors who are kind, gentle souls, some of whom have been life savers for me during difficult times in my life.  These men truly love every one of God’s creatures.  And they are pro life.   My father raised two daughters to be strong women, to be independent, to never let anyone tell us we couldn’t do something just because we were girls.  He still calls our mother “my bride” and still holds her hand in the car after 50 years of marriage.  He dotes on his granddaughter.  He certainly does not hate women.  And he is pro life.

The point is, rhetoric always has been, and always will be, useless.  It doesn’t convince anyone of anything.  All it does is make you feel better about your own opinion.  We ALL need to get past the finger pointing, the name calling, the demonizing of the “other side” to get anywhere. Otherwise 30 years from now we’ll still be slinging the same mud back and forth, acting like children, and generally getting nowhere.  We all deserve better than that.

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