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Even though it’s been over a week since it aired, there is still a great deal of discussion over the interview Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan gave to Oprah Winfrey.

I admit I’ve had a fascination with the British royal family since I was a kid.  My grandmother was obsessed with Princess Diana and thought she was the epitome of glamor and beauty.   She had a huge coffee table style book on Charles’ and Diana’s wedding that I must have looked at a million times.   I thought she had the most beautiful wedding dress on the planet and my Barbie doll even had a similar one (sans the long train).

I will also admit I have not watched the full interview, but I have watched clips and read transcripts of most of it.   I’ve also read a lot of other posts about it.  And I have  questions.

#1 Why on Earth wouldn’t Meghan have Googled Harry and the Royal family at some point?  I can see not wanting to go on the first date with a lot of preconceived notions.  BUT, after a while when she could tell things were going well why wouldn’t she want to have some idea what she might be getting herself into?

#2 Why did they think their son Archie would get a royal title?  Harry should know his children would not have royal titles at least until Prince Charles becomes King under the current rules.  He also should know there is no connection between a royal title and royal protection.  As an example- Harry’s cousins- Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie-  have titles but not protection.  Did he just not explain this to Meghan?  Or did he try and she didn’t understand?  I don’t get it.

#3 What was the point of confirming that anything unpleasant happened between her and Duchess Katherine the week before Meghan and Harry’s wedding?  Who made who cry?  Really?  Why even dignify that question with a response?

#4 What was the point of the interview at all?  The reason given for stepping away from the royal family was to protect their family from the press.  So they move to Los Angeles and give a 2 hour interview to Oprah Winfrey?  This seems counterproductive.

Some have suggested they needed the money.   Harry did mention that they had been “cut off” from the royal family last year.   Which stands to reason-  most of us stop getting paid when we leave our jobs.   They do have deals with Netflix, Spotify, and Clvr Brands already, and more are certainly on the way.  And Harry did get an inheritance from his late mother. But, Harry is used to a certain lifestyle and that comes with a significant price tag.  So maybe they really are broke?

#5 Why does anyone in the US- myself included- care about any of this?  Did a lot of grandmas had that same book mine had?   Did we all grow up reading about princesses living in castles and thought that would be the best thing ever?  It is because Queen Elizabeth has been Queen for so long?  Is it because everything just sounds better in a British accent?

I don’t have the answers.  I just know that I’ll continue to follow the royal family and continue to wonder what it’s really like to live in a castle.



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