Short Cuts

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It’s time again for one of my favorite themes- the rapid fire!  Instead of one thought, I have a lot of them, so let’s get right to it.

#1 If a shoe ad affects your life in any way (assuming you didn’t write it, act in it, or produce it) you need therapy and/ or medication.  The Nike ad?  It’s overwrought, pretentious and too damn long – I actually zoned off in the middle the first time I saw it.  But offensive?  Hardly.  And NIke sales have spiked this week so enough with the “death by Colin cancer” memes.

#2 Trump needs to shut up about a great many things, but the NFL is near the top of my list.  He took an oath to defend the Constitution yet he continues to advocate for the suppression of NFL player’s First Amendment rights.  Also, TV ratings are down across the board, in part because the Nielsen ratings have no way to account for streaming services, which are increasing in usage every year, and more and more frequently include live programming such as professional sports.  Super Bowl ratings continue to break records almost every year as do ticket and gear sales.  Super Bowl parties have surpassed New Years Eve parties in popularity.  The death of the NFL is truly fake news.

#3 Speaking of fake news, Snopes being untrustworthy falls right into that category as well.  Yes, it’s a staff of two people, but it’s two people whose full-time job is to research potential hoaxes.  They post links to their source materials that can be double checked by anyone concerned or suspicious.  It’s very easy to Google anything they post to verify its validity.  Simply put, this “You can’t trust Snopes” thing is one of many attempts by the alt right to suppress any information that makes Trump look bad.  Not that he needs any help there.

#4 Speaking of things that are annoying, it is SO annoying that I have to keep saying this, but it’s possible to lead a fulfilled life full of love WITHOUT procreating.  The next person to tell me “you don’t know what true love is until you have kids” is going to get one of my size 10 feet up their ass. If you are a parent I hope you love it.  But it’s not the only way to happiness and it’s insulting to folks who want kids but can’t have them or don’t want to have them.

So, that’s what’s on my mind- what’s on yours?

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