Sight Day

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Our sight is something a lot of us take for granted.  Sure, we might wear glasses or contacts, and yes, we know our prescription is likely to change as we age, but we assume we’ll always have the ability to see.

Today we think about those who can’t.  Some were born blind.  Others lose their sight due to illness or an injury.  Regardless, it’s a challenging way to go about your life.

There are many ways you can help.  You can donate to organizations whose goal is to help folks with visual impairments, including Lighthouse International and the National Association for the Blind.  The Lions Clubs also do many projects aimed at this community.  You can make sure your website (if you have one) and sites you frequent are ADA compliant.  You can reach out to folks you know personally who are visually impaired and ask if they need any help.

Today you might also take a look a when you last had your eyes examined, and if it’s been too long, get that appointment scheduled.  It’s not a good look to take your eyes for granted.

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