Sign of the Times

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Tonight at my workplace there was a Chamber After Five event to celebrate the former owner’s 50 years of service to the company (he started as Controller in 1959 and is still on the board of directors today).

50 years. Just think about that. I cannot fathom being anywhere for 50 years. As much as I want to stay at my current employer for a long time I cannot imagine 50 years of going to the same office.

My grandparents were married for 63 years which is amazing to me too. My parents were married 40 years last year and should both be around well past their 50th barring anything horrible happening to either of them.
I can’t say I’ve been anywhere for 40 years simply because I’ve not existed that long. And it’s quite hard for me to visualize anything longer than my life. How can I?

My great grandmother lived to be 95. I hope to live that long too. Maybe then 50 years won’t seem as weird to me as it does today.

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