Sisterhood of the Successful Businesses

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Last night my husband had a Chamber After Five event at his store. My sister came to town to do a little networking to promote her new graphic design/ web hosting business. It was a great night!


First of all, I have to brag a little. I am proud as heck of my husband and my sister for making the courageous step to go into business for themselves1 I know I could never do that. I would be a terrible Amway or Avon salesperson and I don’t really have a skill set that translates well to being self-employed.


Second, last night was the first time that my sister and I were at an event like this together. Generally if we are together we are with other family members and so we tend to revert to the ways we’ve acted around each other for years. But last night we were just 2 people at a networking event. We certainly didn’t hide the fact that we were sisters but that’s not how we were defined. She was a web designer and I was the wife of the host and thats’ how people responded to us. It was an interesting perspective and something we both noticed as the event was winding down.


It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that my sister is always going to be the cute one- I’d been being told this over and over again since the day she was born and for a long while it really bothered me. But I finally figured out that doesn’t really matter and she doesn’t believe it anyway. Now we are able to appreciate each other for the strengths we have and have a really good relationship. And after last night I think it will be even better.


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the Successful Businesses

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