Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

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This might be seen as a odd day for me to celebrate because I HATE rhubarb.

I mean I REALLY hate it.  I don’t like the way it looks or the way it smells.  I don’t even like the looks of the plant.  It looks JUST like burdock plant.  This is clearly God telling us to stay the HELL away from it, but we don’t listen.

But, I do make an exception to my extreme dislike of this food (is it a vegetable? a fruit?  no one knows!).  And that is when it is combined with other fruits and served in pie form.  Strawberry rhubarb is the best of these that I have had, but years ago I had a peach rhubarb pie that was very good too.

Gotta go- I’m hungry now.


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