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Now that NFL training camps are wrapping up and the start of the new season is right around the corner more people are talking about Tim Tebow again and wondering what kind of role me might play in the Jet’s offense this year.  I love NFL football and I love debating about it with anyone and everyone, and what better NFL related topic to generate debate than Tim Tebow?

It’s likely the Jets will use Tebow in a few special packages at the beginning of the season, but if the team starts to struggle there will be an angry mob calling for Tebow to start.  They might even buy billboards like fans did last year in Denver.  But they are wrong, and not just because they are Jets fans (sorry, couldn’t resist- I’m a Dolphins fan!).  There- I said it.  I don’t think Tebow is a good quarterback.

Good- you are still reading this.  I can explain my position.

First of all, there is little doubt that Tim Tebow is a fine human being.  By all accounts he is genuinely gracious and humble.  He gets along well with his teammates.  He looks good with his shirt off.  His squeaky clean image is a refreshing change from all of the arrests and other legal problems that seem to be so common among professional athletes and makes him a great role model for kids.  But being a nice guy doesn’t make someone a good QB.

Second, there is little doubt that Tim Tebow is a devout Christian.  This fact has earned him and lost him many fans. But being a Christian doesn’t make someone a good QB.

Finally, there is little doubt that Tim Tebow is a gifted athlete.  He has an amazing skillset most people can only dream of.  However, I defy anyone to find another situation in the modern NFL where a QB was completing only a couple passes a quarter and fans weren’t calling for his and his coach’s heads on a spike.  Tebow would make a great wide receiver or special teams player.  There are plenty of successful NFL players in both those roles who played QB in high school, and a few even played some QB in college, so this isn’t a foreign concept in the least.  

I welcome debate- bring it on!

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