Thank You Good People!

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For years I’ve seen people announce – with various degrees of fanfare – that they are leaving social media.  I HATE it when someone makes a huge deal out of leaving- it really smacks of baiting – i.e. putting something up for the sore purpose of seeing how many people will reply and cheer you up.  It reeks of narcissism and immaturity.

But this past week I almost threw my phone across the room several times after logging into Facebook.  Seems there’s nothing like two mass shooters and a dead pedophile to really rile folks up and bring out the worst in just about everyone.   One evening I actually said out loud “Why am I even on Facebook?”  Granted, I said this to a cat, but that’s another topic for another day……

But this morning when I logged in I saw vacation pictures.  Anniversary pictures.  Birthday pictures.  i.e. the kind of thing social media was designed for us to share.  Sure, there were a few obnoxious political rants, but I just scrolled by them, often with a giggle to myself on how some people seem to have an awful lot of time on their hands to share memes and argue.

So, thank you good people.  Thank you for continuing to show that yes, there is still good in the world and yes, we should celebrate it.  Even when the world is a mess.  Probably especially then.

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