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I have said quite a few times that raising kittens was not on my list of things to do this summer.  Most people just laugh.  However, one person replied in a way that got me thinking.  She said “Oh, so were you going to run a marathon?  Build a bridge?  And now you can’t?”.

I need to make it clear that she was joking.  But it still got me a little.  Because no, I didn’t have any great big plans for the summer past my vacation in June.  Granted, in large part this is because of the continued uncertainty caused by COVID 19.  But it’s not like I had plans to build a bridge in 2019 either.

We are in a world where we are told everyone is supposed to have at least one side hustle and always be dreaming about moving to into McMansion or driving a $100,000 car or wearing $1500 shoes.   Being content with your current job, your current home, or your current anything looked down upon.  If your aren’t grinding all the time you are a lazy bastard is the message.  But its wrong.

No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have goals and set out to achieve them!    If your goal is to run a marathon, good for you.  If your goal is to be CEO by the time you are 35, good for you.   As long as your path to achieving your goals is ethical, legal, and doesn’t harm yourself or anyone else, good for you.

What I am saying is that it’s OK to be OK with your life as is and for your goals to be of the more modest nature.   It’s OK to be a Type B type.

It’s OK to to content in your current home.  It’s OK to love your job and strive to do well for reasons other than gunning for that big promotion.  It’s OK to choose to spend your free time doing whatever the everloving hell you want to do.  Even if that is nothing at all.

As long as your home isn’t a health hazard, you have clean clothes to wear, your fridge and pantry are at least partly full, and your car gets you from point A to point B with a minimal amount of issues, you are ahead of billions of people on this planet.  You don’t have to get up every day thinking about your first (or next) million.   You don’t have to compare yourself to your neighbors and certainly not to celebrities, many of who are not even close to as fabulous as you think they are (most social media is fake people!!).

So, in the words of today’s most well-known modern philosopher Aaron Rodgers, R-E-L-A-X.


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