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As far as I can tell, one of two things is currently plaguing the GOP.  Either they have the most inept polling and PR agencies in the history of the universe, or they have polling and PR agencies that are actively out to destroy them.  These are the only explanations that make sense to me.

As I’ve stated many time before I do not identify as a Republican or a Democrat.  I vote for people- not parties.  I think that people who vote straight party lines without putting any thought into it are at best misguided and at worst just plain lazy.  So, before you send me angry hate mail keep that in mind.
I know a lot of Republicans.  I grew up in a staunchly Republican family- my uncle was Minnesota’s first district chairman for some time and was a delegate to the national convention in 1988.  I work with Republicans.  I have friends who are Republicans. None of these people think we should reject all scientific, social and medical progress made since the 1940’s.  Yet today that’s the message that the GOP is sending out loud and clear and that their Presidential hopefuls (declared and rumored) are shouting from the rooftops.

I just don’t get it.  Why on Earth would any woman want to vote for someone who doesn’t think she should have access to birth control (fyi I do NOT include abortion in this category)?    Why would any parent want to vote for someone who doesn’t think maybe, just maybe, using more clean/ green energy might be a good way to ensure their grandkids have air to breathe?  Why would anyone who is gay or has a gay family member or friend (aka damn near everyone) want to vote for someone who thinks that marriage equality will bring on Armageddon?   Why would anyone who isn’t a gabillionaire what to vote for someone who thinks that making the rich pay taxes in line with their incomes is a terrible idea? Why would anybody who likes living on this planet want to vote for someone who doesn’t understand climate change and therefore states it doesn’t exist?
Again, I am NOT claiming that this is what the average person who identifies as Republican thinks- in my experience they are much, much smarter than that.  Rather, this is what their “leaders” either truly believe or at least think this is the way they need to present themselves publicly.  To paraphrase Jeff Foxworthy (he was referring to Southerners) the GOP can’t keep the dumbest among them off the television.  And that’s too bad.  My friends and family members deserve better.  The United States deserves better.

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