The Hillary Era is Over

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During the 2016 Presidential campaign one of Trump’s many empty promises was that he was going to have Hillary Clinton jailed.  “Lock her up” was a popular chant at rallies.  Trump did a 180 almost immediately after the election and stated he had no intention of doing anything of the sort.  In fact, he stated he respected the Clintons!  Alas, this has not stopped many Trump supporters from carrying on.  It’s become the go-to response to anything any Republican has been accused of this year.  And it’s quite possibly the worst response possible.

First off, Hillary Clinton isn’t the President.  She lost.  There are a multitude of theories why, and none of them really matter at this point.  There’s no going back.  There’s no re-do on the election.   It’s over.  You won.  Congrats.

Second, Hillary HAS been investigated many, many times.  Federal judges have made rulings.  The folks involved in these proceedings have access to far more detailed and reliable information than folks who read 4Chan and listen to Alex Jones and make Facebook memes.  We get it.  You don’t like Hillary.  The horse is dead, stop beating it.

Third, when you bring up Hillary as a response to anyone else’s bad behavior you have just admitted you have no defense against whatever the current allegation might be.  And that’s a logical place to be.  There IS no defense against sexual assault and certainly not against bragging about it. There IS no defense against pedophilia.  There IS no defense against abstraction of justice. There IS no defense against colluding with the Russians (or anyone else for that matter) to influence a US election.   So, if all you can do in response to these allegations is to stomp your feet and yell about something totally unrelated that Hillary may or may not have done, you are admitting there is literally no way to put a positive spin on them.  Which is 100% correct.  Congrats.

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