The Illogical Logic of Being Anti-Trans

June is Pride Month.  While we should support equal rights for all people regardless of their sexual and/ or gender orientation year round, it’s especially important to increase our understanding of the issues these folks face this month.

So, today I’m taking on a question about transgender people specifically that’s bugged me for a while now.  That is the notion that being a transgender person is a affront to God because “God doesn’t make mistakes”.   Let’s examine this logic a little deeper, shall we?

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you find gender affirming surgeries a crime against God (You’d be a sad, angry person, but I’m just playing devil’s advocate here).

Then can we assume that you feel the same way about all plastic surgery, right?  Nose jobs, boob jobs, tummy tucks- those are all changing the body God gave you, so they are all deeply sinful too, right?

How about LASIK eye surgery?   That’s messing with the eyeballs God gave you. While we’re at it, better throw those glasses, contact lenses and hearing aids out too.  I mean, if God wanted you to see and hear he would have made you that way, right?

What about surgeries that remove organs?  I had my tonsils removed when I was 8, my appendix removed when I was 19, and my uterus and gallbladder removed as an adult.  All of these procedures were done to treat legitimate medical conditions.  But I’m not whole now the way God made me.  So I going straight to hell I guess.  Bummer.

What about medical care in general?  I mean, if God gives you cancer, who are you as poor miserable sinner to think you know better than He how long you should remain in this sinful world?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just accept your fate, lay down and die?   Should diabetics be allowed insulin?  God created them with a malfunctioning pancreas- how dare you contradict God!

And what about other forms of body modification? I’m talking about things like tattoos and piercings. These are both actually banned in the Old Testament!

Clearly this is crazy.  Only the most fringe, lunatic folks out there would agree with these things.  Most people understand that taking proper care of our bodies is honoring the body God gave us, and that includes proper medical care.   Most people don’t condemn others to eternal damnation for getting their daughter’s ears pierced.

I have yet to have anyone explain to me why facelifts and liposuction are perfectly fine, but cosmetic surgery on the genitals is an entirely different thing.   I have not found anyone to explain why with folks wearing makeup or getting hair plugs is no big deal, but someone living as the gender they are comfortable with is the end of western civilization.  I strongly suspect this is because there IS no logical explanation for this imaginary line in the sand they have drawn.  You can’t support a position that makes no sense when you really break it down.

So, how about in honor of Pride Month, we all truly love our neighbors as ourselves and let EVERYONE be their best selves?  You know, like Jesus told us to do.

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