The one where I lose people Part Two

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In previous posts I’ve spoken in defense of Christianity, Conservatives, and men in general.  I still believe everything I said in those posts- I still consider myself a Christian and a political moderate and I still love men.

That being said, the following are facts that, in the year 2015, NO ONE, regardless of gender, religion, or political affiliation should be arguing.   Yes, it IS your right to believe whatever you want, but it’s also my right to tell you when you are making a damn fool of yourself.

#1 Climate Change is real.  Plain and simple.  There is a preponderance of evidence from all around the globe that it’s real and that humans are accelerating the process.
Yes, there was a little subterfuge in a handful of European documents on the topic, but they account for only a tiny fraction of the research that’s been done.  And, as someone with a science based college degree I can tell you that just about everyone (myself included) has at least once known exactly what the outcome of your experiment should be.  Yet the lab work you’ve just completed would seem to suggest otherwise. It’s an incredibly stressful situation that leads people to make poor decisions.  No, that doesn’t make it OK, but even if you toss out those documents the rest of the evidence is still there and still compelling.
#2  Christians have done a lot of really awful things over the centuries in the name of Christianity.  The Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition are a couple biggies but there are plenty more than you can find out about by doing a casual Google search.
For centuries well meaning Christians firmly believed the Bible said truly terrible things things like slavery, racism, domestic violence and child abuse were OK.  Today we have hate groups like the Westboro “Baptist Church” who think waving vulgar signs at families mourning the loss of a soldier is doing God’s work.  It’s uncomfortable to admit or even think about, but it’s an undeniable fact that, more often than not, we Christians haven’t been very Christ-like .
#3  Denying any woman access to medical care- including birth control- is wrong.   News Flash- many women use these medications to treat other medical conditions associated with their reproductive systems.  Never mind that childbirth is still one of the most common causes of death in women world wide.  Never mind that unless you are the patient, or her doctor it’s none of your business why she’s using that medication anyway.  No one would dare suggest that women be denied access to dentists, proctologists, or any other type of medical care, so why this area of medicine is treated any different has always been a mystery to me.
To clarify- I’m not wading into the choppy waters of the abortion discussion. I’m mostly referring to birth control pills, but the same applies to other options such as shots, injectable capsules, or anything else that was developed to prevent conception. 
I could go on, but I’d like to remain on speaking terms with at least some of my family, so I’ll stop here.  Honestly, I just want everyone to get along. It breaks my heart that for reasons of politics, religion or whatever people are so stubborn and unwilling to ever admit that, upon further review, they need to reverse their call.  It’s OK!!  It’s called being human.

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