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I don’t know why I was surprised- I guess I should have expected sooner or later. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve been asked it either. But I wasn’t expecting it right then.

6 days ago my beautiful niece Ava was born. Since then I have been taking great delight in showing photos of her to friends, family, acquaintances and just about everyone else I run in to. I mean, look at her- how can I not show her off?


Today someone who I don’t know terribly well but knows I am childless said to me: “Doesn’t this make you wish you had one of your own?” Um, no.



“Not even a little?” Nope.


“But it’s so worth it when they (insert random cute baby thing here)!!” Not to me.


Thankfully the topic was dropped there. If the person had pressed on (as some have in the past) I would have explained that I had a hysterectomy 2 years ago and that usually ends the discussion pretty well. However, some very persistent souls have pressed further and said “Well you could always adopt!” My dear husband has come up with the perfect rebuttal for that one- he tells people we DID adopt- we have 2 cats. And then while everyone’s laughing we can change the subject and stop beating the dead horse.


I tire of people questioning my decision to not procreate. I am 110% OK with it and so is my husband. Please just enjoy my happiness for my family and leave it at that?




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  1. Stacy's ramblings

    I only ask you out of jest, I hope you know that. And I get people asking me when I'm going to have another (as if that's really an option for me at this point). Some days I'm not sure I want the one I have, why would I want another? My kid is fabulous birth control!!


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