The Watching and Waiting Game

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As you all know, I share my home with my husband and our 3 cats.  Our elder statesman is Hershey, has famously hated me for 15ish years now.

Hershey is 18 years old.  Up until a few months ago he really wasn’t showing his age.  But recently that has changed.  His coat isn’t as shiny.  He moves slower.  He sleeps more.   His hearing seems to be fading a bit.  About a week ago we believe he had a short seizure.

But on the flip side, his meow is as loud and clear as ever.  He is still eating, drinking, and using the litter pan (and only the litter pan)  on the regular.  We have no reason to believe he’s in any kind of pain.  He hasn’t had any other episodes/ seizures that we are aware of.  He still doesn’t like me getting too close to him.

We are not going to subject Hershey to a battery of medical tests at his age.  We just aren’t.  So we watch and wait and wonder.  And it sucks.  A lot.

So I hug my girl kitties (when they let me) a little closer. I recall all the funny things Hershey’s done over the years.  I am regaled with stories from my husband about their early days together.  I think about my former kitties- Buddy and Princess – and all the joy they gave me during our time together.

And we watch and wait and wonder together.


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