Things that make you say “meh”.

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One of the only good things I’ve found so far about getting older is that the number of things that really piss me off has gone down exponentially.  It takes a lot more to get me fired up now that it did 20 or even 5 years ago.  Along with the proper medication I like to think I’m mellowing with age. Life is too short to be angry all the time.

That being said there are still a few things that really get my goat.  I freely admit some of these may be petty but I cannot be bothered to care.  In no particular order here are a few of my peeves:

#5 The ongoing stigma against mental illness not only in the US but world wide.  As both a patient and a care giver I can assure you mental illness is just as real as any other.   Sometimes they last only a short time and sometimes they last a lifetime.  And they suck even without having to deal with asshats who don’t think they exist.

#4 People who take either the heat index or the wind chill factors seriously.  The temperature is the temperature. Period. I don’t care what it “feels like” and how can anyone tell me what I think it “feels like” anyway?

#3 Bridezillas.  Note to brides to be everywhere-  It’s not “I’m a Pretty Princess” day.  It’s your wedding day.  Two people promising their love and lives to each other.  If you are more worried about having the perfect party/ photo shoot/ etc. than you are about your groom then do him a favor and call off the wedding because you are too immature to get married.

Addendum to this one- women who demand an engagement ring that costs more than your average used car.  Go buy yourself something nice and shiny and stay out of the dating pool until you can behave like a big girl.

#2 Politics.  On BOTH sides.  I am not a Republican or a Democrat- I vote for people, not parties.  I’m old enough to remember when reading across the aisle to solve a problem this country was facing was considered a GOOD thing and not cause for your character to be assassinated on the 6 o clock news.  It’s no wonder young people don’t vote- this current crop of policitans’ antics put Bridezillas and even the Kardashains to shame.

#1 The gluten police.  Yes, Celiac disease is real and it’s a bitch.  But unless you have that – and there is a simple blood test your doctor can do to determine this- gluten will not kill you.  Human beings have been eating it successfully for thousands of years. I predict in 10 years we will look at the gluten free craze the same way we now look at Cabbage Patch dolls and leisure suits.

This is far from a complete list, but thankfully that list is getting smaller every day.

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