This Flag is Your Flag, This Flag is My Flag

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I have stated many, many times that I do not identify as a member of either political party.  It is true that I am/ was a firm Anti Trumper, but let’s face it – Trump is a Republican in the same way that I’m a blonde.  It’s not my natural state, but I was one for quite a while and could be one again in under an hour if the mood struck.

I’ve also stated many time specific issues I have with the platforms of both parties.  Especially in 2020 I have written plenty about it, so please feel free to go through the archives if you missed one or if you’re curious.  Or, reach out to me and I’m happy to talk about it!

That being said, today I’m writing about a bone I have to pick with Republicans.  It’s the notion that they are only one who are patriotic and the only ones who respect the American flag.  This is garbage on multiple levels.

For decades Republicans and Democrats had peacefully coexisted.  Yes, they have their differences, but everyone understood that at the end of the day, both parties wanted what was best for the country.  They had different philosophies on what that looked like, but that was what made America great.  working across the aisle was a good thing.  In fact, it was a necessary thing to move the country forward!  I’m not sure exactly when that civility started to break down, but it was brought center stage during the Obama administration and has only gotten worse under Trump.

Today, anyone who identifies as a Democrat is branded as an American hating,  flag hating, Commie by a significant portion of the GOP.   Not only is this just flat out wrong, it makes cooperation almost impossible.  So we have deadlock.  Entire sessions on Congress most notable for their lack of notable accomplishments.   This isn’t progress.

Another oddity of the current GOP is their flag worship.  Yes, the flag is an important symbol of our country.  But it’s only a symbol made of cloth.  It’s not a living, breathing thing.  The bald eagle, which is also a symbol of our country AND IS a living, breathing thing, doesn’t get half the love!

And even weirder than their level of commitment to the flag is their supposed sole ownership of it.  This just in- lots of card carrying Democrats fly flags as well.  Admittedly, they appear to be a lot less likely to mount 12 of them to their trunks, but that doesn’t mean they love it- or America- any less.   In fact, I would go as far as to suggest that the multitude of flags used by the GOP suggests less a love of America and lot more insecurity.  They need to shout “HEY LOOK AT ME- I’M A PATRIOT!” every time they go to the grocery store.  They make up for whatever else they are lacking in their lives by proclaiming that, no matter what you say about them, you can’t say they don’t love America goddammit!  It’s actually pretty sad.

So, what have we learned today?  Flying a flag makes you a good American like standing in a garage makes you a car.

Oh yeah, and Biden won the election.


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