Tis the Season

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We are into December now, which means that NFL playoff races are heating up and college football teams are getting invited to one of the umteen gazillion bowl games that have multiplied exponentially in recent years (Remember when you had to be a really good team to go to a bowl game?  But I digress).

As anyone who knows me at all is well aware, I’m a long suffering Miami Dolphins fan.  However, I do also root for the Vikings (losing to the Patriots as I’m writing this) as long as they are not playing the Dolphins and that only happens once every four years.  Of course that means they are only at home for this match up once every eight years.   As luck would have it, on December 16th my two favorite teams are playing at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis (Remember when stadiums had cool, non-corporate names?  But I digress again).

I’ve never been to US Bank stadium nor have I ever been to a Dolphins game – Miami is a long, long way from Iowa.  A couple of months ago I knew I would be getting a bonus check from work and I decided to spend it on a birthday/ Christmas gift to myself.  So yes, my husband Pat and I will be in section 106 and yes I will be wearing my Zach Thomas jersey with pride (Google him).

You might be asking why I’m sharing this information now, instead of after the game.  I may very well have a follow-up post about the game, but I thought it was important to mention this now because this is the time of year we tend to run ourselves ragged.   Especially as women (sorry guys) we feel pressure to make the holidays perfect for everyone around us.   We want to have all the right gifts, the right decorations, the right food, whatever.

Think back to your own personal favorite holiday memories.  Do you remember what color the tablecloth was?  Do you recall what color wrapping paper was used?  Can you tell me how many decorations were on the mantle?

Probably not.  Because we remember moments.  Not stuff.  We remember that Christmas when Grandma didn’t have electricity so at the last minute everyone drove to an aunt’s house instead.  We remember that Christmas when that uncle in the service called home at midnight.

I know that, regardless of the outcome, I will remember going to this game for the rest of my life (barring Alzheimer’s but that’s another topic for another day).   We are hosting a family Christmas at out house this year I will have plenty to stress out about this month.  But I’m taking the time (and the money) for some self-care right in the middle of it.  And I encourage you to do the same Even if it’s just saying no to that event you REALLY don’t want to go to or only making three kinds of cookies this year instead of twelve your body and mind will thank you come January.  You’re worth it.

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