Trigger (Un)Happy

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This past week saw April Fools Day.  Pranks really aren’t my thing, but some folks really enjoy it, and I suppose as long as it’s harmless fun it’s OK for one day.

But the past few years on the days leading up to April Fools Day there were all kinds of posts circulating on social media about what NOT to post because it would “trigger” someone.  Fake pregnancies are probably the most common one I saw, but were are lots of variations floating around.

I am certainly not in any way trying to minimize the pain of whatever you have personally experienced, but here’s the thing- everyone has had tragedy in their life.  EVERYTHING is a “trigger” to someone- even things you would never think of.  Example- Thanksgiving Day is a trigger for me personally.  Bet you never thought turkey day could upset anyone.

So, what CAN we post?

What about real pregnancy announcements?  Better not post those just to be safe.

What about pictures of your new puppy?  Better not post those- someone might have just lost their dog or been bitten by one.

You just got engaged?  Better not post that- think about all the people going through divorces or who are single.

You just got a promotion?  Better not post that- think of all the people who worked hard but didn’t get a promotion.

Having a great evening out with friends?  Better not post that- someone might be a recovering alcoholic or not have a friend.

I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t all use a little common sense when posting online.  But if you are going to use social media, you will see things you don’t like.  Things that offend you.  Things that bring back bad memories.  If you are not in a place where you can handle that then you need to take a break from social media and get the help you need instead of trying to be the etiquette police.

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