Turn Up the Heat

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This afternoon I sat down to write about thermostat Nazis and why they are the bane of modern existence.  This topic is on my mind right now because it snowed today here in beautiful northern Iowa and yet there are STILL people on social media bragging about how they haven’t turned their furnaces on yet.  I pity the families of these poor, misguided creatures.

Turns out, I wrote that post back in July.   And I think I did a darn good job with it.  So, instead of reinventing the wheel, I kindly ask that you take a gander over to that page and read it again:    http://beckypalmer.thecomputerguy.bz/2018/07/home-sweet-what/

And if you are the thermostat Nazi in your home, read it twice.  You’re no hero and nobody likes you.

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