Unsolved Mysteries

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There are two mysteries of the universe I’ve been contemplating at length lately to no satisfactory outcome.  I’m hoping if I share them perhaps someone else has the answers I’m seeking.   And no, there is no connection between them except that they both bug me.

#1 Why do most restaurants offer only one diet pop option?  

Even fast food places with huge fountain machines usually only have Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi available along with the 15 other sugar filled options.  The exceptions are usually places with the “Coke Freestyle” machines where you create your own mixture.  Love those!
I’m diabetic, so this is a bigger issue for me now, but I’ve drank diet pop since long before I was diagnosed (about 10 years ago).   Regular pop just doesn’t taste good to me.  I don’t like iced tea or coffee, and sometimes I’d really prefer to not have caffeine at suppertime anyway.  But 9 times out of 10 that’s my only option.  Why is this??  Someone should do some market research on this as I refuse to believe I’m the only one pondering this one.

#2 Is there anyone NOT a pedophile currently designing clothing for little girls?  

Last weekend I went shopping with my sister and my 4 year old niece.   I was amazed and disgusted by what passes as suitable clothing for a preschool aged girl today.  We saw all of these items for sale in girl’s size 5 in Des Moines Iowa:

– T shirts with slogans like “Too cute for you.”
– Tank tops with shelf bras. 
– “Boy short” panties.  And worse yet, “boy short” panties with words on the butt like “Awesome” and “Dreams do come true” (I’m told that’s a line from Cinderella, but it still doesn’t belong on a 4 year old’s backside.)
-Training bras.
– Shoes that would make a hooker blush.

Now I need to point out that my sister is a very good mother and she does dress her daughter adorably and age appropriately.  But the fact that these items are even available makes me uncomfortable and rather concerned for little girls whose parents actually buy this stuff.

People wondering why their little girls grow up so fast?  THAT mystery I’ve solved.  I’ll need your help with the other two though.

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