NO, you’re not

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I’ve been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook lately stating Christians in America are being discriminated against.  One post that’s been very popular lately goes like this: You wouldn’t demand a Jewish deli owner serve ham and cheese. You wouldn’t demand a Muslim caterer serve pork tenderloins.  So why can you demand a Christian restaurants cater to same sex… Read more »

Pack Rat Day!

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I know it’s only Tuesday, but I just couldn’t resist sharing what I think it my favorite of all the silly holidays I’ve learned about so far- Pack Rat Day! Today is a day for celebrating our inner hoarder and admitting that yes, we DO still have clothes we’ll never wear (or even fit into) ever again, greeting cards from… Read more »

Road to recovery

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I’m currently recovering from gallbladder surgery that I had last Thursday.  I am feeling better every day but I’m still certainly feeling the effects. So, while there are all kind of thoughts bouncing around in my head, I’m currently lacking the ability to make them line up in coherent fashion.  I hope you return to our normal posting schedule next… Read more »

Monday treat

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Between my allergies and my gallbladder (which is getting removed on the 21st) I am not functioning at anywhere near 100% right now.  I’m reasonably sure if my functionality level drops any further I will be classified as a mineral and not an animal.  Pity my poor husband. So, in lieu of my usually scheduled Monday commentary please enjoy this… Read more »