Welcome All!!

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Beckyp_logo_small 3As you know, I’ve had a blog for several years now and I’ve updated the look several times before.  What makes this time different?  It’s more than just a fun new layout- changes include:

  • The debut of my snazzy new logo
  • All new categories complete with humorous (to me anyway) descriptions if you hover over them
  • I’m now self hosted on WordPress.org.  This was a MAJOR undertaking and one that I would never have been able to navigate without the help of my amazing husband who has the patience of a saint, the tech knowledge of a Big Bang Theory character and a great sense of humor.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been reading my musings over the years.  I intend to keep making you think and making you laugh for years to come.  I’d also like to thank my new friends I’ve met through the North Iowa Bloggers for their support and encouragement.

One caveat- since I did pick up and move to a new corner of the interwebs you will need to subscribe to my blog again.  There is a handy link to the right to help you do just that.

Thanks all!

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