What Do You See?

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Last Saturday my husband Pat and I went to an autograph show in Chicago.  I’ve been to shows put on by the same organizers in Chicago and LA and thoroughly enjoyed both venues.  Time and time again we’ve found that the vast majority of the autograph signers they have in attendance are really nice, genuine people who love meeting fans and talking with them.   As an example- I met the guys from the band Nelson and we had a 15 minute chat about Bon Jovi- one of my favorite conversation topics for sure!!  The organizers go by the name of The Hollywood Show and if you’re interested, you can learn more about them here:  https://www.hollywoodshow.com

One of the stars we last last weekend was Ed Answer.  He’s in his late 80’s but certainly doesn’t act like it!  Pat took this photo of him kissing my shoulder (which he did over and over) and the more I look at this picture  the more I like it.

I like that my lipstick is looking good, I live that my eyes are mostly open, I really like the shirt I’m wearing.  I like the cheesy sci-fi poster in the background.

But what has hit me the most now that I’ve been able to look at it a few times is how happy I look.  That is a completely genuine laugh and that is obvious to anyone who sees this photo, whether they know me personally or not.

As I mentioned a few months ago, I had a fairly serious relapse/ setback/ bump in the road in my mental health last fall. I was feeling more depressed and anxious than I had in over a decade.  I made a change in my medication and I went back into therapy.

6 months ago this photo never would have turned out this well, and not just because I’m getting more comfortable with Instagram filters.  I simply would not have been this happy nor able to be that carefree in the moment.  Mental illness is something I will always have to deal with, but I’m glad I took action when I did and I’m confident that I’m on a treatment path that is right for me at this stage of my life.

When I see this photo I see someone who isn’t suffering with depression.  And that is a beautiful thing to me.




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