What Do YouTube? Rev 2

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Some time ago I wrote about some of the channels/ creators I had discovered during COVID.  If you missed it you can read it here: https://beckypalmer.me/what-do-youtube/

Since then I’ve discovered some different ones that I am enjoying quite a bit, so I thought I’d share my newer playlist and (hopefully) find out what other folks are watching as well.

#1 Randy Santel.  Randy is a professional eater who takes on large restaurant food challenges.  I’ve met him a few times and he is a super nice guy who just happens to have an unusual job.  https://www.youtube.com/c/RandySantelAtlas

#2 Katina Eats Kilos.  Another professional eater.  She also happens to be Randy Santel’s girfriend and an Air Force vet.  The pic for this post is me with Katina and Randy!  https://www.youtube.com/c/KatinaEatsKilos

#3 Charlotte Dobre. She posts reaction videos on a lot of topics, including bridezillas, AITA (Am I the A** Hole), and social media fails.  She laughs at most of her own jokes.  I think that’s funny.  My husband does not. https://www.youtube.com/c/CharlotteDobre

#4 Fluffee Talks.  Another reaction video channel, with series like “You’re Bad at Social Media” and “World’s Worst Tattoos”.   He is “just a dumb guy in his basement” and he cracks me up.  HIs dogs and daughters make occasional cameos.  He does occasionally use some profanity, so heads up on that.  https://www.youtube.com/user/FLuffeeTalks

#5 Good Mythical Morning.  Rhett and Link have been best friends since elementary school and they have been doing their daily show for 10 years now.  They play games like “Where in the World do These International (insert food here) Come From” and “Will It?”, which involves their kitchen crew making strange new foods like Skittles bisquits and gravy and Eyeball gelatin.  Yes, they do eat/ talk about food a lot, but they do a lot more than that too, like encourage charitable donations (by donating themselves) and talking about their lives, families, and long history together.  They also have a TV show on Food Network called Inside Eats. https://www.youtube.com/GoodMythicalMorning

I recommend checking these folks out!  And let me know you’re watching too!

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